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The TalkTalk Telecom Group is a major player in today’s world, providing telecommunications, Internet access, mobile network services and pay TV to over 4 million customers and its business clients have grown to in excess of 180,000; all shapes and sizes. It is an impressive performance from a company that could not develop until the 2003 Communications Act opened up the telecommunications market. There are many reasons for its success, not least its commitment to value for money and transparency. Within a year of that Act, TalkTalk had set up a system of free calls between TalkTalk customers, and that was just the start.

Perhaps the secret of TalkTalk’s success is its strategy and flexibility? Every TalkTalk client that signs an agreement with the company, knows that there are no hidden charges and the prices quoted will remain the same for the whole term of the contract.

The commercial environment is changing. It is predicted that by the end of the decade as many as 70% of the workforce will no longer attend a specific desk within an office. It means that TalkTalk will become an even more important link in keeping employees in touch with each other and clients at any time of the day and night through a series of commonly used devices. Have you decided how you are going to operate in the years ahead, especially in view of this prediction? When you use a business login, you want to be certain of good service and complete security. A net account is in your control and if you create a new homepage for clients to access with an invitation saying welcome to my business, TalkTalk is a company with whom you can form a great partnership.

How to Login

You merely enter your details on the TalkTalk login page and press the login button. You are then free to read your emails and create others. You are free to make any amendments you see fit and certainly the default admin password on the router should be personalised by you immediately. There is a facility to help you if you forget or lose your password by clicking on ‘’Forgotten your Password’’ on the ‘’My Account’’ login page. It will allow you to make up to 10 password changes in a single period of 24 hours.

Your TalkTalk webmail login gives you immediate access to allow you to get on with your tasks. webmail login protects you from unauthorised access by others to your account.

My Account Section

You are in total control of your Account online. You should never reveal any personal information relating to the Account and then you can be certain that you are the only person reading the details.

I can check my emails, the details on my TalkTalk account and pay online 24/7. my account monthly details will change depending for example on the channels selected or cancelled on a monthly basis.

Setting up Devices and Clients 

One of the most important aspects of the Internet is that it is interactive. Communications are instant and anyone who is not technically minded need not be concerned about the detail of setting up a contract and facility with TalkTalk because the company is there to guide them through the whole process.

Size Limitations

It is easy to become frustrated when the service you were expecting does not live up to its publicity. TalkTalk offers a completely unlimited service. There is no cap on usage nor any additional charges. Even at peak periods, the speed is not reduced and the company is happy to be part of the voluntary code of conduct to maintain and reinforce the industry’s standards.

ADSL Broadband as stated above provides speeds of up to 17MB per second while Optic Fibre packages are available at either 38MB or 76 MB.

Security Issues

Security is an important consideration in many aspects of modern technology. There are people looking to access your personal information that may ultimately expose you to potential losses. TalkTalk is careful to stress to every customer that it will safeguard all your personal information; it also provides advice if you feel the slightest concern about someone contacting you who may not be whom they say they are. There is a number to call immediately if you are worried.

There are some golden rules to remember, which begin by not revealing any personal information. TalkTalk will never ask for personal details when making legitimate contact so anyone asking for personal information, and that may include bank details, is attempting a scam. You should block any numbers that you are unhappy with and report any suspicious calls.

TalkTalk has taken the lead when it comes to security. Customers have caller display free of charge and can each block 100 numbers. It recognises that scammers are looking to upgrade their techniques as the industry seeks to minimise their impact. TalkTalk was the first to block nuisance calls on its network and is proud to be continuing to take the lead. In 2016, it launched a ‘’Beat the Scammers’’ after research suggested that over 40% of UK citizens admitted to being unable to spot a scam.  The TalkSafe service has reduced the verification time to a mere 12 seconds and a million customers have signed up to the service. The password involves voice recognition which makes it virtually impossible to penetrate.

Managing emails

A TalkTalk client can use his or her account to control everything. There is personal control to change everything on TalkTalk webmail from password to billing address and there is the facility to have up to 5 email addresses which allows an account holder to separate business from personal, as well as have an email address purely for a single aspect of their lives such as travel or shopping. TalkTalk.netmail can do anything you want in fact.

Setting up is quick and easy; don’t let it be a daunting task because TalkTalk guides you through the whole process. There is some basic detail that is common to everyone; the differences relate to your specific personal devices.

Any message that you regard as spam can be easily removed from your inbox and put into trash. The sender will then automatically be blocked from sending further mails to your inbox.


Logic suggests that you should use a single provider for Internet, telephone and TV with TalkTalk offering a variety of packages to suit most needs. The whole thing can be handled within a single account which is not accessible to anyone else. The level of security on offer is impressive; you can get protection for up to 8 devices although there is an additional charge involved once you choose more than a single device.

TalkTalk’s ADSL broadband uses the BT Openreach network and offers speeds of up to 17MB per second and is the most widely available package in the UK. It is quite sufficient for daily use. If you want an especially good connection, you can opt for the fibre optic package with download speeds of 38Mb or 76Mb. If you have a busy household with lots of devices and you are busying uploading and downloading simultaneously then this the package for you. There is a small part of the UK where the fibre optic alternative is not available at the current time but that should change in the future. In the future, Ultra Fibre Optic (UFO) broadband will provide the fastest broadband speeds yet to be available without the need to rely on the Openreach network.

TalkTalk’s telephone service, landline and mobile, home and abroad is impressive. You can get unlimited UK calls or opt for one of the 3 tiers of International Call Boosts to mobiles and landlines in over 50 countries.

The two TV packages include a TV box with a pause and rewind facility on 80 freeview channels. The YouView set top box has Freeview TV, streaming on demand services and catch-up TV either in the standard TV package or upgraded in TV Plus. You have the choice of adding channels on a monthly basis; take them for a month then cancel if you wish.

There are six Sky Entertainment channels with the Plus package. Sky has recently changed its sport channel structure and TalkTalk has responded to offer continuing service while BT Sport remains available.

Help at Hand

There is plenty of help for anyone that is uncertain about their Account and TalkTalk in general. Its website offers the chance to chat with someone able to sort out your issues and there is a community where there is plenty of information and advice on every aspect of TalkTalk and its services.

There is help available for anyone who has mail problems either with setting up a service or existing customers of www webmail At TalkTalk my account is solely my account and if answers to problems cannot be found within the website, there is someone available from early morning to late at night to talk to resolve issues.