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Your favorite book is now just a click away

I love the crispiness of turning page after page while reading a book. But then browsing, taking out time to buy these and above all shelling out money on the supposedly great publications is a big task, especially when trying to explore a new title. Why not rely on a medium that allows you instant and free access to endless titles out there? Yes, I am referring to the e-books, which are available for a free download on thousands of public libraries available across America.

The paid e-books can be downloaded from commercial portals like Amazon, iTunes or Google Play. While there are several ways to lay your hands on e-books the most popular one to borrow books is through the OverDrive Media Console app.

 Wonder how it works?

  1. Never mind the device being used by you, simply visit the app store and download the App.
  2. Next search for your local library using the OverDrive ‘Get Books’ Feature.
  3. The digital book collection throws open an entire library of e-books. Simply pick and choose what you want.
  4. Browse your library’s digital book collection until you find something you want.
  5. Once you have selected the title, download the e-book directly to your device.
  6. The book will be available on your device only for the lending period chosen by you, so make sure you do not lose the pace of reading.
  7. In case the title chosen by you has already been borrowed by another user, you can join the waiting list and wait to be notified about its availability.
  8. Some libraries also allow you to download the books for permanent lending without any limitations of a specific time period.
  9. The app is available for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch), as well as Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Kindle, and even Macs and Windows PCs.

OverDrive is truly an easy to use popular app, but you can also try other apps like Freading, Aldiko, OneClickdigital (audiobooks) and Fregal Music.

So what are you thinking? Just download the app and enjoy reading!

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