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Top 3 Caller Identification Apps for Android

Every time your phone rings and flashes an unknown number, you feel a bit reluctant in taking that call, right? How about an app that puts a name behind that unknown number? Yes, with different caller identification apps for Androids, now no number will remain ‘unknown’. Check out the top 3 caller identification apps for Android and then decide whether you want to take that call or not.

1. Caller Identification App (CIA)

Caller Identification App or CIA lets you immediately see who the caller is. This app will show the name, address and other details right on your screen, while the phone is still ringing. To put it simply, you can see who is calling and decide whether you want to take that call or not. The app gives 100% free caller identification and an unlimited access to the world’s largest database of names and numbers, both local and international.

Along with caller identification, CIA also gives social results from different social network profiles like Facebook and LinkedIn. You can download this app from Google Play.

2. Current Caller ID

This is another great caller identification app for android. This ID app has over 300 million phone numbers identified for free. The Current Caller ID also brings the latest social updates from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn friends. With this app downloaded on your android, you are never going to miss an update. With this single app, you can manage all your calls, texts, and contacts with Frequent and Recent lists.

3. Mr. Number

Mr. Number is a caller identification app for android that also acts as your personal status update for calls. With this app on your android device, you can tell your friends whether you are free or not. The calls can be automatically sent to the voicemail or even a text if you prefer. Mr. Number can also put your android device on silence mode, airplane mode or notify the caller, if you are on a call.

With this caller ID app, you can block calls and texts from users that you don’t want to receive calls from anymore. You can identify who is calling behind that unknown number and just block spam and telemarketers.

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