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TitleFX—Add text to your Instagrams

Instagram is no more just about photos. Now TitleFX can help you add that little text to your photos and give it the thought you have in mind. TitleFX is a universal iOS app that lets you add titles to your snaps, before sharing it on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

How to add text to your Instagram photos

Adding text to your Instagram photos, using TitleFX app is quite simple. Here is how to go about it.

  1. Go to Photo Library or the Camera button from TitleFX home screen and upload one photo. You can also paste a photo from the clipboard. For this, just click on the Recent button and it will show the last 20 photos uploaded.
  2. Once you have uploaded the photo, double click to edit the default text. Now enter the text you want and then select to align it.
  3. Once you have entered the text, use the five buttons at the bottom of the screen to push it up. You will also get the undo and re-do buttons to help you with the editing process. You will get five buttons at the bottom for font, size, angle, color, effects and background. You will also get 29 font choices for making your text look cool.
  4. Once you have selected the font, you will also get the next button, displaying 2 sliders to adjust size and angle of the title.
  5. Finally, when you have made all the required modifications, click on the share button in the upper right corner to save your photo and share it.
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