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Run Windows 8 apps on the desktop

If you have started working on Windows 8, you already know that most of the Windows 8 apps are limited to running on the full screen mode. This can be quite a limitation when it comes to working on different Windows 8 software.

However, with ModernMix, you can run Windows 8 apps on the desktop, just like any other desktop program.

ModernMix was just released by StarDock in the beta version for the public and aims to give Windows 8 users the flexibility to run Windows 8 apps right on the desktop.

Here is how you can get ModernMix for your Windows 8 desktop.

1. Go to StarDock’s website and request for the download link by email. Download and install Modernmix on your Windows 8 system.

2. You will now be able to see a configuration window. Launch Windows 8 apps as windowed apps on the desktop. You need to select the right most option. If you go for the middle option, it will launch the app in a maximized window on the desktop.

3. The next time you launch Windows 8 app, ModernMix will appear on the desktop just like any other Windows program.

Now the next time you launch Windows 8 app, it will appear on your desktop, just like any other Windows program. You will also get the option to toggle modes by clicking on the icon in the upper right hand corner of the app window. You can also use the F10 hot key.

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