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Make sure your email is read

How many times do you sit and ponder whether your mail was read or just got ignored? iYogi Tech Tip can fix this issue once and for all.

Whenever we send out an email, we start hoping….

Hope it is read, hope it is opened on time etc. Now you can actually have answers to these questions by just using This website lets you know when your mail was opened, how long it remained opened and where exactly was your email viewed (geographically).

When you use DidTheyReadIt, the mails that you send out are automatically tracked, of course invisibly. The moment the recipient opens your message, DidTheyReadIt notifies you.

DidTheyReadIt is completely compatible with Windows and Mac and also with the different email programs that are there. You can use this website for Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail,, Mac mail….just about everything.

Once you sign up for an account, you can start sending tracked emails immediately. Not sure? You can always go for the free trial that is available on the website.

This service works not only for emails but for attachments like PDF as well. So, if you are sending PDF attachment with your mail, you will get to know whether it was opened and viewed or not.

The service is fantastic for people who are selling stuff online or if you are job-hunting to know whether the employer saw your resume or not.

Too good to be true? Check out DidTheyReadIt and see for yourself.

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