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How to Pin a Website to Windows 8 Start Screen

For all those who are now working on Windows 8, one of the most commonly asked question is; how to pin a website to Windows 8 Start Screen?

Believe it or not, it is quite simple to pin your favorite websites to the Windows 8 Start Screen or desktop. Pinning on Windows 8 is similar to pinning in Pinterest. However, the big difference is that Pinterest is public and your Windows 8 desktop is private.

Here is how you can go about it.

  1. Open Internet Explorer from the Start screen and then type in your desired website. Now click on the pin icon in the lower right hand corner of the address bar and then select ‘Pin to Start’.
  2. Give your pin a short name rather than a long url, so that you can easily recognize it from the little pin thumbnail that will appear. Once you have made your desired modification, confirm your changes by clicking on ‘Pin to Start’.
  3. You can repeat this procedure to pin as many websites as you want to Windows 8 Start Screen.
  4. Don’t feel overwhelmed with the pre-populated tiles that come with your Windows 8 Start Screen. If you feel some tiles are not required, you can very easily replace them with pinned websites that saves time and lets you access your desired websites much faster.
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