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How to enable two-factor authentication of Twitter

Twitter has finally come up with the two-factor authentication, but do you know how to enable this security feature? Here is an easy way to go about enabling Twitter two-factor authentication for your account.

  1. Login to your Twitter account through your PC and go to the settings page.
  2. You will find the ‘Access Security’ option, listed right above the country selection.
  3. Now check on the box next to ‘Require a verification code when I sign in’. You will get a number of prompts to let you know that the service is enabled and your account needs to be connected to your mobile phone number.
  4.  You will now receive a text message to verify the correct number linked to your account. Once you confirm that you have received the message, you are done with setting up the two-factor authentication.
  5. The next time you log in to Twitter, you have to put the same password, but along with that you will also be prompted to enter the code sent to your phone.

Logging into Twitter via apps and services

If you are trying to login to Twitter through apps and services that are not supporting the verification step properly, you would require a random password. To get a random password, you need:

  1. To visit your Twitter account’s application settings page and then click on the ‘Generate’ button at the top of the page. Use this temporary password in place of your standard password when you log into the app or service.

What happens if you lose your mobile or out of network area?

In such circumstances, you can use Google Voice number as your phone number with Twitter and you will be able to view text messages through the voice website or actually any compatible Google Voice app. However, Google Voice has a limitation that it can’t forward any messages from Facebook, Skype or Twitter as SMS to any particular phone number.   So, to receive the six digit code, you have to enable forwarding to email. This will let you access the passcode no matter where your phone is.

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