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Have you taken your Hotspot Advantage!

One of the great things of having a Smartphone is that you can just about do anything you want with it. And one such great advantage is carrying your own hotspot in your pocket. All you need is a device with cellular service to create a local network and you are connected.

Even though hotspots and USB devices have been around for a while now, most users have been reluctant to connect it to an additional device and add yet another monthly fee. However, today the story is different with hotspot access being a part of the shared data usage plan.

Most hotspots allow to connect up to 10 different Wi-Fi enabled devices at the same time, creating a kind of lifeline for friends, family and anybody who needs net access in emergency.

Here is how to enable hotspot from your Android Smartphone

  1. Open the application launcher and then identify the app provided by your mobile carrier for creating Wi-Fi hotspot. Tap on the icon for the hotspot app.
  2. Give a name to your Wi-Fi hotspot, so that others will be able to recognize it. Also, enable security and then set a password for your network, so that you can securely share with everyone who will log onto the hotspot.
  3. Now open the wireless connection manager on your PC and select the name of the network you just created. Enter the password and connect to the network.

So, now you no longer need to carry a separate device with extra cables and chargers for using a net. Security is also better, so no tensions of an open network. So, next time you are on the move, or on a trip, all you need to do is tap on hotspot icon.

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