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Have you checked out Google Keep?

Here is a look at how you can get started with the new note taking app called Google Keep.

Google has introduced a new note taking app, Keep. It is available for devices running Android 4.0.3 and above. You can also access it through Google Drive website.

With this app, notes will automatically sync between the website and android application. Once you have installed Google Keep, you will be asked to select the Google account through which you want to access Google Keep. Once you get connected, you can start taking notes.

There are four different methods through which you can use Google Keep to take notes.

1. You can put a quick note directly from the text box on the initial screen.
2. Add a checklist by clicking on the check mark icon.
3. You can also create a voice memo by selecting the microphone option. All your memos will be immediately transcribed and both audio and text will be available in the notes.
4. You can also add photo as a note by tapping on the check mark icon.

At any given point in time, you can add a checklist to any existing note by simply tapping on the menu button and selecting ‘Show Check boxes’.

Things you can do with Google Keep

When you are viewing a note you will be able to assign your choice of color by simply clicking on the color palette at the top of the screen. These colors are very useful when you are organizing your notes, but you have to do this step manually.

You can also add photo to any existing note. However, you have to take photo at that time. Google Keep does not allow you to add previously clicked photos from the Gallery.

If you want to rearrange notes, just tap and then hold on a note and drag wherever you want to. You can change layout between multi-column and single-column view through the menu.


There are two widgets that come with this app. The first widget puts a shortcut bar to create notes and then lets you scroll through the existing notes right from your home screen. The second widget for Google Keep is simply a shortcut bar.

Do you find Google Keep useful? Share your opinion with us.

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