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Get Start button on Windows 8

Have you upgraded to Windows 8 and yet missing your old Windows? iYogi Tech Tips understands this issue and can help you go back to your old Windows.

The new interface of Windows 8 is making many people uncomfortable and making them ask, how do I go back to my old Windows?

If you are missing the Start button in Windows 8, we can help to get it back. All you need is a free app called Shell.

Shell allows you to modify Windows 8, giving it a classic look similar to Windows 7 or Windows XP. No, you don’t need to downgrade your PC to the previous version of Windows.

Shell bypasses the new tiled Start page of Windows 8 and gives you back the old familiar navigation.

With this little tweak, you will be able to learn about the different Windows 8 functions at your own pace. Once, you are comfortable with the Windows 8 interface, you can always go back to the original look.

You can get the Shell app here.

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