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Firefox Nbar lets you ignore typos!

How many times, a small typo error has taken you to a completely inappropriate site and wasted your time or worse embarrassed you. Don’t let these minor glitches create trouble for you. Nbar, a Firefox extension understands what you actually mean, ignoring the spelling you put in.

Nbar extension by Firefox is smart enough to understand your interpretation, when you make a typo while entering a URL in its Awesomebar. So, if you type ‘hugg’ in Firefox URL bar (Awesomebar), Nbar extension will suggest The Huffington Post for you. But yes, the site has to be there in your history.

You don’t need to restart your PC, if you want to use this extension and it also comes with two settings. The first one gives a Search threshold. Simply put, it is a control of how many suggestions will appear in the drop down menu as you type the URL. The second is the Word distance. It adjusts the sensitivity of the extension to your typos. The higher the number you enter, the more forgiving the extension is to your typos.

So, now reach the website you want every time…

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