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Easy steps to block online games as per the age of your kid

It is natural for you to worry about the online habits of your kids. However, there is no point in worrying unless you do something definite to reduce it. If you are constantly stressed over the fact that they may be accessing age-inappropriate online games while you are away, here are the steps that you can apply to block the games and let them be safe and entertained.

The first step in getting this done is installing a good antivirus program that offers you advanced Parental Controls feature. Once this is set, you can easily customize the settings to allow/ restrict access to particular online content, based on the age of the user. You are now ready to apply the solution steps:

  • Access the security application and go to the Parental Control feature.
  • Click on the Application Blocking tool.
  • Here you can set the age, as per the age of the user, to let the application block all games that are meant for kids above that particular age.
  • At this point, you can also access the relevant sections in the security software to block games as per the website name or the name of the game as well.

Isn’t it simple? Once you have set the age limits, you can close the application and try opening up an online game that you blocked just now. In all probability your security software will ensure that the specific game doesn’t open up. With this assurance from the software, you can surely carry on with your tasks and worry no more about online games that you don’t consider right for your kid.

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