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Can you lend me your charger please? 5 apps that kill this!

Between checking mails, socializing on the networking sites, using apps like Instagram, Vine and Pinterest, endless smsing and making numerous calls… is there something you are giving a miss? Well yes, one of the most critical aspects that enables you to smoothly conduct all the aforementioned activities … your mobile battery. These eat a lot into your battery, which gives up in no time if not charged regularly. So, either you keep charging the phone every now and then or keep the charger handy.

In our maddening daily schedules, so many times we simply miss out on charging the mobile phone. Worst is when we are in transit or at a place where even having a charger doesn’t help as there is no source to plug it in. What if it has slipped out of your bag or continuous use of Wi Fi or Bluetooth has completely drained out your battery. That is when you undergo mixed feelings of depression, anxiety and helplessness. And that is when a handy app can prove to be a sheer bliss.

1. Clean Master

Supported on all Android devices, this app not only clears the cached files of the heavy programs and other in your mobile but also extends the battery life. It hunts for these cached files and deletes them thus reducing the burden on the phone’s storage capacity and enhancing the phone speed.

2. Easy Battery Saver

This Android compatible app helps you customize the power consumption of your phone by offering various power-saving modes, thus increasing the phone speed and the battery life. It even goes to the extent of identifying the apps eating into maximum amount of your battery by graphically displaying them.

3. Battery saver

Battery saver is meant for all iOS devices. It gives regular reminders about the draining battery life and regularly cleans up the memory too. How cool it is to nip the problem in the bud when every tower of your battery is most needed. With this app you can do just that. It identifies power-intensive functions and suggests you to turn these off. It gives you information about the mobile charging cycles, and tips for system optimization.

4. Du Battery Saver

Once again an Android-compatible app, Du Battery Saver automatically identifies power-intensive apps and disables them. Forget apps, it even tells you the unnoticed settings that lead to a battery drain. So how about ensuring 50% extra life for your battery, as per the claims made by the app.

5. Battery Doctor Pro

Battery Doctor Pro is an iOS app. It monitors the device usage vis-à-vis the battery life and shuts off the apps that are not being used at that moment. What makes the app even more user-friendly are its smart features like a Task Clear button, a Usage, a System Status page.

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