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App for Taxes—File Your Papers in Flat 10 Minutes

It is time to file up your taxes and you need to do it right and that in an easy and quick manner. How about filing your taxes in flat 10 minutes?

The SnapTax app from TurboTax is available for iPhone and for Android devices. This application is great for filing your taxes and it is absolutely FREE! However, it will cost $25 to submit the e-file.

There is another app for taxes and it is created by H&R. This app is also free and there is no filing fee until April 17th.
Here is the required criteria for using these apps for taxes.

  • You do not own a home
  • You have W2
  • Interest or unemployment income
  • Annual income less than 100K in 2012 and 120K if you are married.

How do these apps for taxes work?

Once you have downloaded these free tax apps, you take a photo of your W2, answer some simple questions correctly and then you can file right from the app itself. The tax app is completely safe to use. All the information you feed in is encrypted and secure. The apps also guarantee 100% accuracy.

If you have any questions related to the app then the live tax advice service is free and is available for the whole year via phone or live chat for SnapTax users. If you are using H&R Block app, you can walk to one of their offices for resolving your issues.

Download Apps for Taxes here
SnapTax app
H&R Block

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