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Support For iMac G4 by iYogi

iMac G4 is one of the biggest developments in the growing domain of Mac computers. Their desktop PC includes a flat panel LCD screen with diagonal measurements of up to 20 inches, tray loading DVD/CD drive, and many more features. The look and feel of iMac G4 is simply amazing and it weighs around 21.3 pounds.

A unique thing about this desktop is its dome-shaped base, which gives a significant impression. iMac G4 has three USB ports that are available on the back side. It comes with a SuperDrive, which burns CDs at 8x and DVDs at 2x, as well as reads CDs at 24x.

NVIDIA GeForce2 MX video processor gives brilliant graphics and makes iMac G4 a unique desktop. The desktop has a solid collection of programs that run natively on Mac OS X operating system. The programs like Otto Matic, World Book Encyclopedia, iPhoto, and iDVD work amazingly on the operating system. So, working on iMac G4 is full of enjoyment.

Despite these amazing features, you may still face certain challenges while working with iMac G4. Issues like installation hang, software conflict, operating system corruption, etc. can come with any computer and iMac G4 is no exception. All these issues require expert assistance. So, feel free to contact iYogi and get instant support for iMac G4 by iYogi Certified Technicians.

Under support for iMac G4 by iYogi Certified Technicians, we can assist you to resolve user account issues. We can help you set-up additional user accounts on your desktop for other users. If you need any assistance for Mail e-mail client, you can avail of technical support for iMac G4 by iYogi Experts instantaneously. The technicians can help you configure multiple e-mail accounts on a single client so that you can have all your e-mails at one place.

You can dial the iYogi toll free number and share the problem with the expert technicians. You can get in touch with iYogi Technicians over the Internet also. If you are facing difficulties with the web browser, you can reach out to iYogi. Under support for iMac G4 by iYogi Tech Experts, we can help you update, reinstall or upgrade the web browser in no time and at limited cost.

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