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How to backup your data on iCloud

Thinking of backing up your data? Data backup is very important to save your digital information to avoid the risk of losing your precious data due to hardware damage or other software errors. And if you are an Apple user, you get 5GB of free storage space to back up your apps, settings, and important files and folders on iCloud. Baked into all your Apple devices, iCloud is an online storage system that allows you to seamlessly access your documents, photos, music, and e-mail on your Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod. iCloud backup features allows you to back up all the data stored on your Apple devices, along with creating multiple backups for enhanced security.

How to backup your data on iCloud?

iCloud automatically backs up all the important data on your Apple devices using iOS 5 or later, as long as your device is connected to the Internet over Wi-Fi or to a power source. To enable the backup option on your Apple device,

  • Click on ‘Settings’.
  • Go to iCloud and tap ‘Storage & backup’.
  • To start the backup process, hit ‘Back up now’.

What does iCloud backup take care of?

iCloud backup service offers unlimited free storage for all the purchased movies, music, apps, TV shows, and books. However, you get only 5GB of free iCloud storage for your photos and videos in camera roll, device settings, iMessages, ringtones, app data, and your visual voicemails.

Choose your data wisely

Apple has made it way too easier for its users to make use of its data backup service, filling the 5Gb free iCloud storage space within weeks of use, thus forcing you pay $20 every time to get additional storage space. However, being selective in what you backup on iCloud can save you from the risk of losing anything that’s important. Usually, all the apps that you are using on your device are automatically backed up to iCloud. To remove existing backups and select the application that you want to back up on iCloud, follow the instructions below:

  • Select ‘Settings’ and then tap on ‘iCloud’ icon.
  • Select ‘Storage & Backup’
  • Select ‘Manage storage’.
  • Now select your iOS device under the ‘Backups’ option.
  • Turn off all the items that you no longer want to back up.

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