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Skype: How to make the Contact List more compact by removing profile pictures from it

Are you wondering if you could manage and make your Skype contacts more compact? After all, not all your Skype contacts share their profile pictures on Skype. Moreover, if you are using Skype software to communicate with your family and close-knit circle of IRL (in-real life) friends, then you may not need to see their profile picture to identify Skype profiles. Besides, when you are communicating with your Skype contacts regularly via video calls, then you may remove their profile pictures from Skype contacts and keep it compact.

In order to help you and show you how to keep your Skype contact lists more compact by removing pictures of Skype profiles, we have created this video for you. With this DIY guide video, you will get step-by-step instructions to follow and do it on your own, without needing anyone’s help. Alternatively, you can call iYogi to get support for Skype, whenever you encounter any problem.

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