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Skype Tutorial: How to use Skype

You must have heard friends and acquaintances bragging and going gaga about how Skype allows them to stay connected to their contacts. Indeed Skype is excellent VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocols) communication software that cuts down sizable amount of making calls, whether voice or video calls. Well, not only calls, Skype also enables its users to send instant messages and text messages and share files via internet. Skype lets its users talk to their family, friends and acquaintances around the world, at the fraction of what they need to spend to make voice and video calls from their mobile phone.

To get you started with Skype and make optimum use of Skype software, we have created several videos that will provide you with DIY guide. This is one those videos which will show you quick and simple steps to follow to use Skype like a veteran. However, reach iYogi to get in-depth support for Skype from our tech experts.

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