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How to edit profile information in Skype

Want to add a bit of personal touch to your Skype account? You can personalize your Skype profile in a matter of minutes. Whether you want to add information or remove a bit, it is all possible in Skype.

The information in your Skype profile is divided into three groups. The first is all the details that Skype users can see, the second is the details that only your contacts can see and then finally your private details.

Anyone who accesses your profile can also see all the details that all Skype users can see. So, you should be careful of what kind of information you add in your profile. You can edit and change the details that will be visible to your contacts. One of the great things about Skype is, your information is always kept private on Skype. However, if someone like your friends or family already know your email address, they can always search you on Skype.

Watch this video on how to edit profile information on Skype and make all the changes you want with your Skype account easily.

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