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How to change Skype Password

If you Skype then you definitely want to keep your Skype account secure. One of the important factors to keeping your Skype account secure is by protecting your password. Selecting a Skype password is easy, the difficult part is remembering the password. You may need to change your Skype password on different grounds.

If you feel there is a security threat to your Skype account, you should change the password, or you may have just plain forgotten it. Changing password in Skype is simple. Here is a video that can help you do it in some simple steps.

However, before you go ahead and watch this Skype video, here are some of the things you should keep in mind.

  • Select a password that will seem extremely difficult to others while it will be very simple for you.
  • Change your password every two months.
  • Do not share your Skype password with anybody including your partner.
  • You are of course not supposed to use your birthday, social security number, phone number address or other personal information.
  • Make sure your Skype password contains at least 4 characters and includes numbers, symbols and also letters.
  • Make your Skype password case sensitive. So a combination of upper and lower case letters will make it a bit more complicated.

Here is the video on how to change Skype password.

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