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Easy guide to set up and install your Skype Account!

iYogi experts can help you set up, install and create a Skype account. In minutes!

Support for Skype Login by iYogi

To begin using Skype, you need a Skype account and a password. Whether you want to know how to create a Skype account with a single name or multiple names, iYogi experts can help, in case you are unable to do this on your own.

As you start using Skype, you will experience different types of Skype issues. Some you will be able to resolve without much effort, and for some continuing Skype problems, you may find you need a Skype expert. Call iYogi, we offer comprehensive support for Skype. Our mission is to help Skype users overcome glitches and enable a hassle-free Skype experience.

Apart from this, here are some of the areas where support for Skype by iYogi is provided:

  • Download Skype
  • Install Skype and configure Skype
  • Make Facebook Skype account
  • Disable automatic Skype login.

Call iYogi at 1-800-237-3901 and get full support for Skype.

What you get with a Skype Account

To make communication better, with far-flung friends and associates, Skype is the in thing today. Merely by creating a Skype account, you can make free or cheap calls from PC-to-PC or PC-to-phone without any geographical barrier. Apart from the benefit of making calls, there are a number of other features that you can enjoy by creating a Skype account.

What Skype offers

SkypeOut: How about making cheap international calls? With SkypeOut you can make an international call directly from Skype and talk for hours without worrying about the call charges.

Video Calls: When you make a Skype account, you can enjoy the feature of making video calls. Enjoy having a face to face conversation with the person who matters so much.

Conference Call: Conference calling is another benefit that you can explore after creating a Skype account. If you want big group discussions with people located in different parts of the world, Conference Call will make it much easier.

File Sharing: You can effortlessly share files from your Skype account to any other Skype account. The best part is there is no file size limit. As far as the security and privacy of the file is concerned, you needn’t worry. Before finally transferring the file, the recipient gets the option to sanction the transfer.

Instant Messaging: After you create a Skype account, you don’t just get an easier and cheap option to make calls, but also you can send text messages. If you are busy or cannot talk at a specific time, send free messages through Skype.

Voicemail:Sometimes, due to busy schedules if you can’t answer a call and want people to be able to give voice messages, Skype allows you to set up voicemail. This service is available at a nominal charge.

6 Steps to a quick Skype registration

In order to complete your Skype registration, follow these steps:

  • Go to the official page of Skype for creating a new Skype account.
  • Put your credentials, including First name, Last name and your e-mail address.
  • Choose your Country and preferred language.
  • Select your Skype login name and Skype password.
  • Tick mark the check box if you want to receive news related to Skype. Enter the combination of characters in the ‘Type the text’ box.
  • Click on ‘I Agree-Continue’. Now you are ready to login to your Skype account.

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