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iYogi Scam Alerts: Mystery shopper job

Mystery shopper is a tool used by “Mystery Shopping Providers” and other market research companies to measure the quality of retail service provided. It helps in gathering specific information about products and services. According to iYogi scam alert team, this type of job can be a scam. In this, scammer attracts frequent shopper to pay for being a mystery shopper. After an extensive research, team found that these scammers give advertisements mails and messages offering an opportunity to work as a mystery shopper. Initially Shopper’s gets a check, which includes shopping fees, with a payment and some extra money that is supposed to be wired back to the company immediately. Though the cheque sent by these scammers is fraudulent and, Shopper’s end up sending their hard earned money. Read more…

Sharon Young, Dublin
15 July, 2011
Got duped!!!!!!!
I’m a person who loves shopping and when I got mail stating that I can earn money by shopping started jumping out of joy!!!! They sent me a check and asked me to wire back some money and I totally believed all that. It was after spending money from my pocket that I came to know that the cheque were fake and I’m being scammed. Can you believe that???? I was totally duped guysL!!!!!!

Brian Thomas, Colarado
17 June, 2011
Got looted!!!!
I got scammed last month! They sent me two scam checks for $950 each and asked me to wire back $ 1000. I did it immediately later, I banked the checks & shopped happily.. the checks were fake and part of scam now I owe bank $1900..

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