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iYogi Scam Alerts Highlights about Internet Video Scam

‘iYogi scam Alerts’ informs about online video scam. They were pointing that this type of scam especially occurs through social networking websites and advice all to be careful while clicking on any video published on your profile’s wall. In order to help users understand the mechanism of such scams and avoid becoming victims, iYogi regularly posts alerts about common scams through its popular ‘iYogi Scam Alerts’ series.

This type of scam mainly works when the user clicks on any interesting link in other users status updates. In actual, such video does not exist but the links are posted by scammers and they are just like malware that tries to extract your personal information. This kind of scam can harm your computer system, and even steal your online identify to carry out illegal activities. ‘iYogi scam Alerts’ highlights on useful tips so that the Internet users do not fall for the same and stay safe. Read more…

Jo Elvin
18 jan, 2013
Someone posted a link on my facebook account which I clicked accidentally. Now all my friends are getting spam messages from my end. I have deleted the link but I’m still not sure if this will help. Everyone please beware of these unknown links…

Christian Allen
28 Dec, 2012
I agree with Vilma. It has become very difficult to differentiate between right and wrong. The scammers present the information in such a way that it looks 100% genuine… I like reading about different ongoing scams on the internet. It keeps me aware about the latest scams and frauds…

Kaine Locsta
21 Dec, 2012
Thanks a lot iyogi for spreading the awareness about the various types of scams prevalent over the Internet. There are so many types of scams running over the web world that now even a genuine mail looks like a mail from scamsters. The only thing that differentiates a genuine mail from the scam mail is the money factor. Wherever the sender asks for money, consider it as a scam’s work and delete it straightforward. Doing this you will never fall in the trap of such scamsters.

Angela Komushara
17 Dec, 2012
There would be hardly any Internet user who is not associated with any social networking platform today. It’s just because of this large presence of people on social networking sites that evil-minded people are taking this path to lure their victims. iyogi scam alerts is doing a very commendable act by raising awareness among common people about this. iyogi make us aware of the modus operandi of the scammers that help users like me stand in good stead. Thanks iyogi for this intiative.

Mike Brophy
13 Dec, 2012
It is tough to believe how scammers are adapting new ways to con people. It is very important to remain aware so that Internet users do not fall for any kind of scam. Never click on any video link posted on your social networking website profile’s wall. Also, ignore any video link that you get in your e-mails. Simply delete such posts or e-mails.

Amber Marks
7 Dec, 2012
Getting a lot of them these days, sometimes even from close friends. I have read about this internet video scam earlier as well. I find it very difficult to decide what’s genuine and what’s scam. So I generally refrain myself from clicking any of these… this way I keep myself protected.

Vilma Cameron
15 Nov, 2012
Unbelievable! There’s scam for everything… It has become so difficult to trust anyone or anything. Even if I get a genuine mail or a genuine request, I’m always in doubt of getting into another scam. these scammers are not only fooling us, they are troubling innocent people who are actually looking out for help…

Hailey Norman
8 Nov, 2012
Instant way of spreading malware… I got a video link on my FB page. But since I was not sure if it is genuine, I did not open it… next day I heard lot of people complaining that the url downloaded a malware on their system… Thank God I was saved! Sometimes gut feelings really help a lot…

Jack, California
19 October, 2011
Hey… it’s an interesting report…. Guys… Learn more about video scam on iyogi scam alert this can help you in getting complete details about online scam that target uninformed people.

Charlie Fernandez, Germany
07 July, 2011
Good Review!!!
Thanks a lot iYogi for posting such a good review. Actually, I’m hearing this type of scam first time in my life… From now onwards, I’ll be very careful on my social networking websites. And definitely, I’ll not click on any unsolicited links and also not give away my personal information…

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