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iYogi Scam Alerts: Beware of Phone Scams

As more and more computer users are getting aware of online frauds and scam e-mails, scammers have turned to newer ways to trick users. Phone scams are the latest. Scammers call up users and introduce themselves as professionals providing assistance to resolve computer issues and then plant viruses or malware into the system which result in data loss as well as identity theft.

iYogi has done research on phone scams and released its latest iYogi Scam alerts to provide users with details of these scams so they can be avoided. iYogi scam alerts provides various ways to safeguard users against phone scam. Users should not disclose personal or financial information over phone.

According to this report, people should contact trusted technical support provider, regular change account number and password, and immediately report for identity theft. iYogi scam alerts summarizes various online scams and frauds. To get compete information Read More…

Suzana P Rogers
16 Oct, 2014
I am a regular visitor of this site and particularly this section. The updated information on frauds and scams has saved me from becoming victims to internet scams on many occasions. I also do share my knowledge with my peer to keep them safe as well. Thanks iyogi for being our security alert!!!

09 Oct, 2014
I am thankful to iyogi scam alerts that actually saved me. I was just about to call back on a number that rang only once. But, suddenly I realized about the scam mentioned by iyogi as ‘one-ring’ phone scam and I decided not to call back on that number. After getting it checked through higher authorities, I came to know that the number ringing for only once is a scam. It was literally saved from being scammed.

26 Sep, 2014
I got a call few days back and the guy on the other end told me that their organization is investigating about drugs that have been brought over the Internet and the people involved in it. He started accusing me blatantly and asked me to pay a fine. Few days before this happened, I had read on iyogi scam alert that these calls are nothing but scams. Remembering this, I hung the call at that very instant.

18 Sep, 2014
Few days back I got a call from a person telling me that there has been a free government grant deposited in my account. When I interrupted him and asked few questions to fully understand the whole scenario, he hung up the call. He didn’t even ask me my name or any other personal information for that matter. That’s when I stumbled upon iyogi article on scam alert and that’s when I realized what that guy was up to.

Hayley Atwell
11 Sep, 2014
I got a call few days back from an unknown number who claimed that I owed their company some due amount. I was amazed as I was hearing the company’s name for the first time. When I started turning inquisitive, they threatened me to drag me to the court. After reading iyogi scam alert, I realized that the call was nothing but an extortion attempt, as the scammers keep looking for naïve people from whom they can extract cash.

05 Sep, 2014
A few days ago, I got a call from a person stating himself as an Internal Revenue Service representative who told me that if I’ll not make immediate payments to the tax department, I might end up in a jail. It was quite shocking. But, I gave a minute to think about my taxes and payments…I had already made all the payments and nothing was left on my plate. I thought it to be a phone scam and I called up the police informing the same. I am thankful that I didn’t fall prey to their false tricks.

David Browne
28 Dec, 2012
Problems with my MP3 started after I deleted a song from my player. Now, i was not able to add more songs to it. I tried several times,but in vain. Frustrated with the issue, I started looking for troubleshooting steps on the Internet. That’s when I came across iYogi’s review on top 5 MP3 problems. I followed the advice in the article and repaired by MP3 on my own… thank you for posting such useful titles…

Tierany Azquez
21 Dec, 2012
These guys look so promising and real that it becomes really difficult to doubt their creditability. I got a call some days back and the caller informed me of winning a lottery ticket. But he said that the money will come directly to my account. For this he wanted my account number and other personal details. but somehow I didn’t feel that everything was right and hung up the call on some excuse. Later I got to know that it was a scam going around in our city. My gut feeling saved me from getting conned…

Riley Britches
17 Dec, 2012
It’s time now to keep our eyes and ears open and stay alert. As more and more people are relying on the Internet to perform their various tasks, evil minded people too have become more active on the Internet in search for their victims. iYogi is doing a commendable job by spreading awareness among the common masses about the various methods employed by such people in luring people and duping them of their hard-earned money. I salute iyogi for this social cause.

Rodrigo Sanchez
14 Dec, 2012
Hey Josalyn, such calls are very common and usually the caller gives one or two rings and does this for 2-3 times. People usually think that the calls must be from important person and end up dialing the number. The scammers, who reside in some different country altogether, do this for fun and the innocent caller ends up spending hundreds of dollars calling the scammer… people should be aware of such nefarious scams and restrict themselves from calling these numbers…

Steven Wright
7 Dec, 2012
Hey Billy! What a coincidence, I too got such a phone call recently. However, I asked that guy to call back after some time and during that time, I checked the Internet to verify the credibility of that call. I too might have landed at the same site where you landed. When this guy called back again, this time i was not polite, i asked him from where he was calling and told him that i am reporting this to the police. On listening this the guy just disconnected the call. I reported this to police, but they too were helpless. I too gave up as i had not suffered any loss of any kind. However, i too commented about the issue below the various comments that i could find on the Internet so that more and more people become aware of such scams.

Josalyn Autumn
26 Nov, 2012
Hi Kenneth, I too received such a call one day. The only difference was that instead of waiting for me to pick up the call, the caller just gave two-three rings and then disconnected the call. As I was waiting for some important call, I thought may be that was the call and i called back. To my surprise, there was some lady on the other side making strange noises. I immediately recognized that this might be a call from some phone scammers and disconnected. Then i googled the number and came to know that many others have received such calls. Thank God, i saved myself from being charged for unnecessary ISD call.

Amanda Ashley
26 Nov, 2012
My father in law who is in his late 70s keep in touch with his son who stays abroad through emails and web chat. One day he got a call from someone claiming to be a PC technician. As there were some minor issues, my father in law got convinced. Fortunately, i just entered the house and overheard the conversation. I got a bit suspicious and took the phone from him. The guy almost convinced my father in law to give remote control of his PC, in which many important and bank related details were stored. After disconnecting the call i told my dad never to entertain such calls002E

Billy Emanuel
15 Nov, 2012
I thank iYogi scam alerts for posting up to date information on latest internet scams. Since I keep reading your articles, I was able to protect myself from a nefarious phone scam through which the scammer tried to offer me movie tickets at very less price. While I was on the phone, I quickly searched about it on the internet. I came across various user comments that said that they have been conned by a ticket scam. I politely refused the offer and hanged the phone. My presence of mind and knowledge about these fake offers helped me protect myself…

Carter White
8 Nov, 2012
One day I got a call and the guy claimed to represent a tech support company and asked for my computer’s ID and password to take remote access. I denied him and turned down his free antivirus install offer! He could have installed some keyloggers and Trojan had he got access to my PC and get all my personal and banking details. iYogi scam alerts saved me.

Kenneth Walker
5 Nov, 2012
Thank you Kevin! Your experience is a lesson for me. I was not aware of such fake phone calls, but from no onward I’ll be really cautious of any such fake phone calls. I think iYogi is doing a great job by spreading awareness among the mass. Keep up the good work iYogi!

Elise Duran
31 Oct, 2012
I too hav been receiving such calls every now and then. When i get such phone calls, i noticed one thing. The guy on the other side introduces himself as representing some reputed brand such as Dell, Acer, or even Microsoft. I know a couple of my friends who have become victim of such phone scams. I am surprised more people aren’t doing this for Apple. I guess there would be a lower chance of getting an actual Mac user… Therefore, i am thinking of buying a Mac machine soon.

Kevin Tran
19 Oct, 2012
My brother recently was looking for some tech support to upgrade his old pc. One day he got a call from someone saying that they can upgrade the operating system of his pc remotely. But before that he has to deposit a certain amount in a particular account online. During my week off, he discussed this with him. I asked him the name of that company and checked about it on my smartphone. To my shock, there were lots of complaints related to that particular company. I straightaway told my brother to not attend such calls. He thanked me for saving him. I advised him to beware of such phone scams.

Kevin Bumphus
17 Oct, 2012
Guys beware of these scammers. They install strange viruses which will corrupt your files and folders. My friend got scammed. The technician said that he’ll repair her computer, but instead he deleted many important files from her computer. She only got to know about this after he disconnected the phone. When she tried calling on his number, it is out of order.

Adam Brookes
12 Oct, 2012
My dad got a call from a tech support company. The technician almost convinced him to buy his support plan. But thankfully, he decided to check with me first. Since my friend got scammed by a similar company, I asked him to refuse the offer…My friend allowed them to access his computer remotely. They ran a false diagnostic scan and told him that they have detected a malware. They charged him to remove a virus that was not there at all… his antivirus was up-to-date and was not showing any virus alerts. Since then, I no longer trust these technicians…

Sallie Wetzel
10 Oct, 2012
I have heard lot about this… scammers call people pretending to be tech reps of different companies – Microsoft, Dell, iYogi – and then instead of providing tech support, install nasty viruses. Though iyogi scam is a new entry in the list, these scams have been doing rounds on the internet from quite a while. The only way to protect yourself – stay away from strangers and don’t trust them…

Stephen Smith, Arizona
27 April, 2012
The iYogi scam is one to avoid. That people fell for this type of scams is both funny and worrying. Funny because it doesn’t take much to figure out the caller; callers faking as iYogi technicians may try to get things done quickly and sound anxious and will coax you to help them establish a remote connection. To me these are clear and easy signs. Worrying because, there are people still falling for them. I am hoping the alerts published here should help my pals to stay protected.

Jenifer, London
19 October, 2011
I was scammed by phone scammers. Few months back, I got a call from private number offering tech support.

Bob Cornell, Kansas
16 June, 2011
Lost my money
I was fooled by phone scammers!!!! I’m in my mid 70’s and when I received a call claiming to be from Microsoft, that my PC is in danger I just swallowed it. I have never experienced anything like this. I’m very upset about this because my son Jim told me there is a chance that they can get my account details. He suggested me to change my bank details which I did and hope all will be fine again, even though I lost some money!!

John Bradley, Austin
25 May, 2011
Phone scam, beware!
I got a call last week from some computer technician stating that he would fix all issues with my system. He wanted access to my system and I assented but he did nothing. A couple of days later, I got call from my bank asking about suspicious activity involving my account. It seems my account info was stolen and the scammer transferred all my money in an account in another country!

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