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iYogi Scam Alerts: Be wary of domain name scammers

A majority of all the domains in the world is already registered with different users. Domain scam is now common all around the world and its victims basically comprise those who try to buy popular domains. Fake domain sellers often contact users who need domains and they provide them with domains that are to be registered online at very low prices.

The domains are never registered and the money wired to the seller is also lost. iYogi has done research on this issue after taking its customers’ feedbacks into account and released a report on ‘iYogi Scam Alerts’ series which highlights various online scams . This alert provides users with details on how domain name scams transpire and how one can avoid falling prey to them.

According to ‘iYogi Scam Alerts’, fake domain sellers often contact users who need domains and they provide them with domains that are to be registered online at very low prices. Read more…

Mark, Toronto
19 October, 2011
After reading Iyogi alert I came to know about various online scams. So I managed to protect myself form domain name scam

Max William, Denmark
30 June, 2011
Hi Collin, sounds like you’ve been scammed very easily. While purchasing a domain name, it’s not only about the money we’ve to look, but also we’ve to search the registration company website thoroughly. Because, nowadays scams can be from anywhere. If you’ve any doubt about the company, don’t approach them. The scammer’s real aim is to steal our personal details as well as the credit card details for the bank account transaction.

Ralph, Mississippi
19 May, 2011
No end to coaxing….
‘SPARE ME, I DON’T WANT YOUR SERVICE’, I repeated this for the fourth time to the guy who kept calling me… he was offering unbelievable deals on domain names… I run an online business n am pretty aware of wot happens on the net!! But this guy just doesn’t seem to get it…

Collin Wright, Nebraska
04 May, 2011
Duped ….. was I
I wanted to buy a domain for my company; I contacted this website that offered the service at a very reasonable price. I talked to them over the phone and they mentioned some very good domain names at reasonable prices. I immediately bought four of them and the payment was done through credit card. It has been three weeks now and I have still not got any confirmation. Apart from this, I believe the domains that I booked have been already taken and I was duped.

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