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Media statement from Vishal Dhar, Co-Founder and President Marketing for iYogi regarding the termination of the contract with Argo Marketing of Lewiston Maine

Dec 18th, 2015
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“iYogi has multiple delivery centers outside of the U.S., and the setting up of our delivery center in Maine, was a significant step. Our investment in Maine helped us arrive at baseline metrics for delivering in country services, which play a crucial in our future planning process. In the 2nd quarter of next year, we plan to re-launch our sales and support programs out of the U.S., along with more aggressive on-ground marketing programs including Direct Response Television. It’s unfortunate that our relationship with Argo Marketing did not work out as we hoped. However, we remain committed to Maine read more


Senators Susan Collins and Angus King welcomed the announcement that Argo Marketing of Maine and iYogi have partnered to set up a global service delivery center. WASHINGTON: The US lawmakers and political leadership have welcomed the decision of Indian firm iYogi, a software and services company, to set up a global service delivery center in [&hellip

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India-based tech support company iYogi is partnering with Argo Marketing to launch its first North America support center in Lewiston, creating 300 new jobs. The two companies announced the partnership on Thursday. The move will allow iYogi to establish a physical presence in its largest market, North America, and pilot several new initiatives. “North America [&hellip

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Selects Argo Marketing of Maine as delivery partner, paves the way for a technology led services opportunity for the State July 9th – Lewiston, Maine: iYogi, the world’s largest independent consumer tech support services brand is setting up its first Global Technology Services Center in North America, in Lewiston, Maine. The center will employ 300 [&hellip

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PORTLAND, Maine — The Indian company iYogi, which bills itself as the world’s largest technical support company, plans to locate its first North American call center in Lewiston through a partnership with Maine-based Argo Marketing. The companies announced Thursday the expansion means they plan to hire 300 more workers to serve customers in North America, [&hellip

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The India-based company that provides third-party remote technical support for software companies like Microsoft expects to create 300 jobs. Global technology support company iYogi is partnering with Lewiston’s Argo Marketing Group for its first call center in North America, creating 300 jobs. The partnership was announced at a news conference in Lewiston on Thursday morning. [&hellip

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LEWISTON — A deal between Lisbon Street-based Argo Marketing and global tech support firm iYogi will bring at least 200 new jobs to Lewiston-Auburn and 150 more to Maine. Vishal Dhar, co-founder of the Gurgaon, India-based tech firm, said the move represents a new direction for call center businesses. “It’s a push for us to [&hellip

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With last month’s news of Biz Stone’s entrance into the flourishing Indian entrepreneurial economy—Stone described Lookup founder Deepak Ravindran as “an amazing person and inspiring entrepreneur”—we feel compelled to document the continually rising star of the deshi startup ecosystem. With a post-Series-A epicenter in the city of Bangalore, India is attracting billions of dollars from [&hellip

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