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iYogi Fraud Protection: Understanding Internet Ticket Fraud

Internet ticket fraud is a scam wherein crooks loot money from people who buy online tickets for sporting, musical, and other such events. These fraudsters create genuine-looking websites for attracting customers who would buy tickets from them. After receiving the payment, the fraudsters send fake tickets to their customers. They make use of untraceable payment methods to cheat the buyers. iYogi’s latest alert helps you understand how Internet Ticket Fraud happens and suggests preventive measures like ensuring the authenticity of the tickets before making the payment by getting it checked by the organizers, avoiding untraceable payment options like wire transfers, and checking the quality of the ticket paper and the grammar. Read more…

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Nicholas Kent, Cal
15 June, 2011
Too good to be true
The other day my wife & I were trying to see the best fare available for our international vacation!! We stumbled upon a site that offered a good deal!! The prices were unbelievably low.. I almost booked the ticket when my wife said we needed to check out the authenticity of the site (women are smart!!) we checked the details & cross-checked it with the airlines, the website was a sham & stole credit card information!! My wife’s smartness saved us!!

Stephen Bond, Maryland
19 April, 2011
Beware Internet ticket fraudsters!
You especially need to beware Internet Ticket Fraud when there’s a big musical concert or sporting event round the corner…. that’s when the fraudsters really become very active…. I still remember how many people were duped when there was a rock concert in town.. some started yelling…. some shed copious tears.. but it was of no avail… their tickets were fake

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