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iYogi Fraud Protection: Credit Card Fraud Wreaking Havoc

The Internet has become a good medium for buying and selling goods and there are many that provide this facility. Unfortunately, there are numerous fraudsters out there who steal credit card information and use it to buy merchandize. The merchants happily supply goods to these crooks as they are totally oblivious of the crime they have perpetrated. But the same merchants are fined with a chargeback to the bank once the credit card companies withhold the payments. By the time this happens, the buyers disappear without leaving any trace and the merchants end up losing their valuable cargo. iYogi Alerts shed light on such frauds and suggest precautions that the merchants can take. Read more…

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Paul Harris, Indiana
22 June, 2011

Don’t be smug after getting a credit card
Credit card frauds that happen over the net can leave you exasperated. For instance, if someone accesses your card details and books film tickets and you come to know about it a little later, you might not be able to do much. By then trickster would have watched the film at your expense. Many feel privileged to own a credit card. Using a credit card makes for a lot of convenience. However, don’t be too relaxed or you might find yourself in trouble. If you have a credit card, be in touch with the credit card team and keep yourself abreast of all the transactions.

Matt White, Florida
19 April, 2011

Lucky !
You need to keep pace with the most recent developments or you’ll find yourself lagging behind. Jumping on to the latest bandwagon is often the right thing to do. Like most business people, I too started to transact online with my customers. I almost became a victim of credit card fraud but I was lucky that I did not incur a huge loss. A wily customer used someone else’s credit card details to buy goods from me. I came to know of this when I got a call from the bank that cancelled the payment. Luckily, the goods had not been dispatched by the courier company. Although I managed to get my goods back, I had to pay a small chargeback fee to the bank.

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