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What to Expect From Windows Blue

Microsoft is getting ready with an update to Windows 8 called Windows Blue. Promised to be loaded with new features, along with improved touch capability, Windows Blue has lot in store.

Microsoft Blue is expected to roll out this summer or fall and is the first in Microsoft new Windows update plan. Windows Blue is not just limited to only touch improvements. Different reports indicate that Windows Blue will see an updated Search Charm, support for smaller devices with 7 to 8 inch and built-in Internet Explorer 11.

You can expect the Search Charm to have a fuller search capability as compared to current Windows 8. At the moment you can search for apps and documents on your computer and also do different web searches directly from the search box. It is quite possible that the web search will directly appear in the Charms bar. You will also be able to search for items directly inside your apps without your requiring opening them.

Great Windows Blue features to look forward to

Tile Sizes

You will be able to get all types of tile sizes; small medium and large with Windows Blue. You can also look forward to a more personalized Start Screen that makes Windows 8 stand apart from others.

Updated Mail

If you think that Windows 8 Mail app is quite simple, you are right. With just a few basic additions like support for POP3 accounts and features like drag and drop can make things interesting.

Multiple browsers in Modern UI

It seems like IP addresses can become quite irritating in Windows 8, if you are using more than one browser. At the moment, if a browser is available in Windows 8 app, it will only work in the Modern UI environment, if set to your default browser. If it is not your default browser, it will open in the desktop. This applies for the IE-10 browser as well. Microsoft Blue is planning to improve this.

Boot to desktop

This is one of the most common requests, especially for business users. Boot to desktop should definitely be one of the options for Windows 9 Pro users who do most of their work in the desktop environment.

Manage just about everything you want

If you want to stay in Modern UI all the time, then it can happen with Windows Blue. Windows Blue is supposed to come with a Task Manager, Windows Explorer and Control Panel available as Modern UI apps. You should also be able to able to change the screen resolution and manage files without being forced to the desktop.