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Turn your computer into a phone with Skype!

These are the days when simple applications change the capabilities of the hardware and let you get more out of them. Skype is one such application. It allows you to chat with your contacts on the application. It allows you to integrate Facebook account and lets you access Facebook posts right from the application. It also turns your computer into a phone. Did you know about that? No, we are not talking about physically converting a computer into a phone but you can use it like a phone. Here’s how you can do that.

Cheaper calling

Skype is free software that you can use to call people but you can only call Skype users from the free version of this application. But when you buy premium services from Skype, you can also call other mobiles and not just Skype users. The rates that Skype offers are really cheap and you’d save money if you buy credit from Skype and call people from your computer. Obviously, in such cases, you can only call them when you have active internet connection.

Skype Number

When you buy credit from Skype, you can call other mobile phones from your Skype account but your Skype account will still remain as an account. You can buy a number from Skype which will give you an option to use your Skype account with a phone number. This makes things easy for people who call you. If you are using this app on your phone, you can answer calls on your Skype number at all times!


You can also text people on their mobile phones from your Skype account. Apart from being a great instant messenger application, Skype also give you SMS services for which you need to buy credit from Skype, similar to the calling (mobile phones) service that they offer. There are special offers for people who call and text often. In case you are one of them, you can go for Skype Premium services which make your costs go even less.

So, those were a few ways in which you can turn your computer into a phone and call other mobile phones and text them. Make sure you’re getting the maximum out of an application like Skype – Happy Skypeing!