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Top 5 Gadget Debuts in 2013

Are you already searching for the eagerly awaited 2013 gadget launches? Here is a quick peek at what you can expect in the gadget world in 2013.

Year 2013 is already heavy with gadgets like Samsung Galaxy S4 and there is more to come. Whether it is Samsung, Apple, Google or Microsoft, the gadgets are just getting hotter by the day. But what cuts through the cream and comes in the ‘must-have’ list of gadgets for 2013? Check out the top 5 gadgets debuts in 2013.

1. Apple iPad 5

You may be still discovering tricks to handle your iPad 4, which has a faster processor, a larger screen and an improved camera as compared to iPad 3, but iPad 5 is soon coming to the stores. iPad 5 might have a bigger screen that stretches to the edge but may be thinner and smaller as compared to iPad 4. Apple iPad 5 also comes with a useful feature for business users i.e. dual microphones. These will help pick up your voice better for video and audio collaboration.

2. Amazon Kindle Phone

There are already rumors about the Kindle smartphone, some even predicting the launch last summer. However, in 2013, Amazon will finally be able to get its first ever smartphone that lets you access your existing Amazon services like videos, music and books. If it makes it this year, it is definitely going to be worth the wait.

3. BlackBerry Q10

If you are impressed with BlackBerry Z10, wait till you get your hands on BlackBerry Q10. This new model is said to come with a hardware keyboard and runs the new BlackBerry 10 operating system. It has just been launched. What business users can look forward to is speed typing. The only strong reason to get BlackBerry Q10 and not go for BlackBerry Z10 is the keyboard that is a meaningful productivity tool.

4. Google Glass

You already know a good amount when it comes to Google Glass. Google Glasses show text messages, directions and overlays like video recording from other users. It is also supposed to come with super imposed information and augmented reality.

5. Sony PlayStation 4

Sony PlayStation 4 is awaited with lot of enthusiasm from all gaming lovers. It is supposed to give a complete new boost to the complete video gaming experience. The controller in Sony PlayStation 4 has replaced some buttons with touch screen technology. The console comes with a share function that lets you record, edit and upload gaming footage and even share it online with friends. Sony PlayStation 4 is expected to be released in December.