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Is your Mac on Sleep Mode? 4 Ways to Keep it Awake

Are you constantly struggling with your Mac going on hibernation mode? Using a computer does not mean you need to sit in front of it and stare at it with taps on the keyboard. You can use your Mac to render images, download movies or even charge your cell phone. This means, you do not need to sit behind your computer every time you need something done from it.

It can be quite irritating, if you find your Mac has gone on sleep mode just moments after you left the seat. Even after several hours or even the whole night, your work was not done; definitely, this is not expected.

When your Mac needs to work on its own on stuff like batch processing, data transfers, downloads and even charging your cellphone, you need to make sure that your Mac is not on sleep mode. Here is how you can do that.


Caffeine is one of the most popular utilities to keep off Mac from going on sleep mode. It is quite easy to use. When you install Caffeine, you will see a small cup of coffee on your Mac OS X menu bar. From this menu, you can ask Caffeine to keep your Mac from going on sleep mode indefinitely or for a specify time duration.

Sleep No More

Sleep No More works just like Caffeine and you can see it as an alternative utility tool to avoid making the Mac go on hibernation. Sleep No More also has an icon to the Mac OS X menu bar. When you click on this icon, you can select the duration for which you want to postpone the Mac sleep mode.

Sleep No More is quite streamlined in its functionality. Therefore, you can only postpone sleep for a specified time. This makes this utility so simple to use and enjoy.

Should I Sleep?

Want something a little faster? Should I Sleep is a utility tool that automates the entire process by using the sensory input from your Mac. With this utility, you do not need to specify any amount of time. ‘Should I Sleep?’ automatically checks whether you are using your computer and accordingly puts your Mac on hibernation mode.

‘Should I Sleep?’ is a free download. However, you will need few in-app purchases to activate different sensors and detection features like Face Detection, Camera Motion, Sound Activity, External Display, Download Monitor and Processor Usage. Just pay $3 and you can activate all the sensors in one go. Now your Mac is never going on sleep mode without your permission again.


Do you want to keep your Mac awake and use it with your media center or use it even with its lid closed, then NoSleep is what you need. Your Mac will go on sleep mode as soon as you close the lid. But with NoSleep your Mac stays awake, even when you close the lid.

This is one of the best software if you want to use your Mac as a media server, broadcasting files to other computers. Along with this, NoSleep also lets you make the distinction between adapter sleep and battery sleep.

Have more awesome software for keeping your Mac awake? Share it with us.