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5 Ways to Protect Yourself Against Key logger Spyware

Key logger spyware is also known as keystroke logger and is an application that can capture and even record every keystroke that you key in on your keyboard. Hackers and cyber criminals have used keylogger software for phishing, identity theft and other dodgy practices.

There are different anti key logger software available that can provide protection to your PC. However, there are some things that you can also do to protect yourself against key logger spyware. Check out 5 simple ways to keep your PC secure from keyloggers.

  1. Enable FirewallsEnabling firewalls is very important when it comes to blocking those nasty key logger spyware. The main purpose of firewalls is to block outside access to your computer. Though a firewall cannot stop a key logger spyware literally, it can definitely prevent the transmission of information back to the hacker.
  2. Install Anti-spyware and Antivirus softwareOne of the most common ways for a key logger spyware to invade your PC is through viruses, Trojans and other malware. Your first line of protection comes from these anti spyware and antivirus software. You can select from some of the best antivirus suites available.
  3. Use automated form fillerOne of the smart ways to protect yourself against key logger spyware is to get an automated form filler. This tool is extremely handy especially if you enter your personal or financial information on any website. These form fillers encrypt and save all the confidential information, so you don’t have to type in anything.
  4. Get alternative keyboard layoutMost of the key logger software is based on the traditional QWERTY keyboard layout. Using a layout like DVORAK is a safer option. The captured keystrokes do not make much sense, unless it is converted.
  5. Use one time password (OTP)One of the best ways to protect yourself against key logger spyware is using a onetime password (OTP). Believe it or not, OTP is key logger proof, as once used it is automatically invalidated. This is also an essential step, if you are using a public computer.


Key loggers are dangerous. It is extremely important that you protect your data from getting into wrong hands. Check out these 3 best anti key logger software for keeping you safe online.