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4 Best E-Readers for Travelers

Getting ready for a holiday? Well, you can’t leave without your gadgets to keep you connected and let you access things at just one touch. One of the most compact and useful devices for any traveler is e-readers. However, with a wide range of e-readers available, which one makes the cut? Read on to find out the best e-readers when traveling.

Broadly, e-book readers fall into two categories. The first category holds the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 ($399) and the Barnes & Noble HD+ ($179). Other than this there is Apple iPad 4 that also doubles up as a mobile business device for checking mails, surfing the net and running apps like Evernote; all in all keep you right on your business schedule. The downside is that they don’t use e-Ink, the ‘virtual paper’ that makes e-reader easier on the eyes.

The second category is the hard-core bookworms. The Kobo Aura HD ($170) and the Sony Reader ($130) use e-Ink but don’t run on standard OS like Android. Though the screen resolution is lower, but you may still end up hurting your eyes. You will also be able to browse the Web and check email, but they tend to make these tasks too slow to really get anything done.

So, which one to go for? Well, there is no complete winner here. It is more about a decision between multi-purpose e-readers that lets you enjoy books and also do other things parallel or go for a dedicated reader that makes an e-book page look like real paper.

Kindle Fire HD

We first start with Kindle Fire HD 8.9. The most important feature on the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 is a carousel view that will automatically put the latest content on the home screen. So, if you are reading a book, checking mails and watching a movie, all of these activities will show up in the carousel for easy navigation. The Kindle Fire HD 8.9 weighs 20 ounces and is .35 inches thin. It is fast enough to let you enjoy any media you want.

The display of Kindle Fire is sharp but you also have to live with the glowing aura from the LCD screen. This comes handy when we talk about a dark airplane or a hotel room before bed or even great HD movies, but don’t expect to get the exact paper like feel.

Barnes & Noble Nook HD+

The Barnes & Noble Nook HD+ is a fantastic multi-purpose e-reader with a 9-inch screen. With just a bit over 18 ounces, the e-reader is quite colorful and bright. As compared to Kindle, it is lighter; however the screen size remains the same. Other than this, there is nothing much to look forward to.

Kobo Aura HD

Kobo Aura HD is an outstanding dedicated e-reader. No matter, how much you read on this e-reader, you will never feel a strain on your eyes. The Aura weighs 8.4 ounces and is light enough to carry on long trips, along with your other devices. It is ideal for readers who simply love to engross themselves in a book, till it is complete. The Aura HD has the largest e-Ink at around 6.8 inches. The 1GHz processor is fast enough to match your reading speed but when it comes to browsing, you may feel a bit disappointed.

Sony Reader

This e-reader is simple, yet brilliant. Though the e-Ink device does not match the screen quality of the Kobo Aura, yet you wouldn’t be disappointed with the overall quality of the device. The Sony Reader even syncs with EverNote for easy note saving.

The Verdict

So, who wins it all? If you want to do a bit of multi-tasking then Kindle Nook HD is a great choice. However, if reading is the only thing that is on your mind, then Kobo Aura HD is the winner.