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3 Best Free Video Player Apps For iPhone and iPad

Do you love to watch videos on your iPhone or iPad? Well, one of the smartest ways to get a good video experience is to identify good video player apps, preferably free. Let us check out some exclusive free iOS video player apps that promise to enhance your video experience.

OPlayer Lite / OPlayerHD Lite

OPlayer is absolutely a great app and can be easily stated as one of the best free video player apps available for different iOS devices. OPlayer app can be used as a standard video player and transfers files from your computer to your device using iTunes. You can also transfer video files over a wireless network or even use an FTP client. If you want to avoid watching videos hosted on your iPad or iPhone, then you can use OPlayer to handle video streams over HTTP, RTSP, MMS, FTP and SAMBA shares.

This app is capable of handling almost all types of videos and offers fantastic video compatibility as well.


Another good option for video app is RockPlayer2. This video app is best suited for playing local video files. With this app, you will have to transfer videos to your iPhone or iPad with the help of iTunes file transfer, HTTP, FTP or WebDAV. One of the stand out features of RockPlayer2 is RockShare that will effortlessly help you share videos between compatible devices.

Overall, RockPlayer2 is a decent free video player that can support a wide variety of video files. However, you may face a bit of hiccup when the support for h.264 comes.

AirPlayit / AirPlayit HD

If you don’t want to store your video library on your iPad then the best video player app would be AirPlayit. It is one of the most effortless ways to stream videos from your computer to your iPhone or even iPad. All you need to do for this is, download and install a small server application on your computer, select the folders you want to share over your network and you are all set. This server application is easily available for Mac OS X as well as Windows.

PlayerXtreme (iPad)

This is another great free video player app for iPad. The app comes loaded with features including a playback support for many different types of files. You can also enjoy h.264 video files without any hindrance. With PlayerXtreme, you will be able to transfer video files to your iPhone or iPad, by just using iTunes. You can also go for in-app upgrades that allow you to unlock wireless video transfers; gives subtitle support, audio boosting, network drives and lots more.

So, what free video player apps are you using to play back videos on your iPhone or iPad? Share your ideas with us.