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3 Awesome Download Utilities for Mac

Are you often downloading stuff and trying to do it in the most streamlined way possible? Whether it is eBooks, movies, music download, there are some Mac OS X utilities that let you do all these in a very easy and fast way. You may already have some of them on your Mac and others will make you fall completely in love with them.

The Unarchiver

You must already know that Mac OS X does a great job decompressing ZIP files, but with The Unarchiver, you can do just about anything. The Unarchiver is very useful for downloading different types of files and folders. With this application, it is up to you, when you want to extract the file to a new directory. To put it simply, this is one download utility for Mac that is a must have.


If you find yourself struggling with split files quite often, then you need MacHacha. Split files are a bunch of files that end up in sequential multiple digit numbers, starting with *.001. Splitting files can be useful if you want to keep to a particular per file quota. However, before getting anything done from these files, you need to rejoin them.

MacHacha is a free download utility for Mac that allows you to split and join the files very easily. All you need to do is open MacHacha and select File -> Alphajoin… from the Mac OS X menu bar. This will let you join the first segment, which is the file with lowest index.

If your files are spread out over different locations, you can take the help of MacHacha’s interactive feature and then specify each consecutive segment.

Folder Tidy ($4.99)

One of the biggest problems with downloads is, we soon lose track of the folders and then they get messed up. But there are some download utilities for Mac that let you categorize and order the files you download automatically. Another easy way to go about the entire process is by using an application like Folder Tidy.

Folder Tidy lets you sort files into an organized way, quickly. All you need to do is specify a source and the target folder, set up rules to put files in different categories and Folder Tidy will take care of the rest.

Let us know if you find these download utilities for Mac useful or not.